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2012. június 12. Magyar Nemzet
Hermann Simon professzor könyve hiánypótló mű nemcsak a magyar, hanem a külföldi piacon is. A szerző kiterjedt kutatómunkára támaszkodva alapvető dogmákat dönt meg.
Ahhoz, hogy a problémáinkkal és a lehetőségeinkkel tisztában legyünk, először is világos képre van szükségünk jelen helyzetünkről. Hiszen korrekt diagnózis nélkül nincs sikeres terápia.


Actually, Genesis 6 suggests that the world was ptlupaoed by angels, sent down from heaven, and humans. The old testament can be quite daunting to anyone without deep rooted conviction. There appear to be a lot of unnecessary rules that appear to show God as unsure about what he had created and where it was going. One example is the laws with regard to food and food preparation which were set up as God's law but today we see were simple hygiene and common sense food preservation. It's a bit like how you raise a child. As an infant/toddler there are one set of rules and a multitude of restrictions. As they grow the rules change and the restrictions become less and less. This is evident with the differences between the Old Testament and the New Testament. And off subject here, it is my absolute conviction that there is a God. The God of the Bible and only the Bible. When you read the books of Daniel, Matthew and Revelation you read about what many call the Anti-Christ and the end of time. The Bible never does say there is one particular individual called the Anti-Christ , it states that it is coming and is already here. Anti-Christ is a state of mind and behavior. Now it does say there will be a false prophet and a Beast. The Beast will demand to be worshiped and will recover from a fatal wound to the head. The false prophet will assist in forcing the entire world to worship the Beast. The Beast, as we all know comes from Satan. But who on this world will be the embodiment of the Beast? One who demands to be worshiped. Islam demands to be worshiped. Muslims who say there is no compulsion in coming (converting) to Islam can easily be proven wrong. Islam routinely beheads for apostacy or insult to its prohpet. In Revelation 20:4, John saw the souls who had been beheaded for their testimony of Jesus. Muhammad had only a short handful of years to bring Islam into being. Mathematically speaking, the averages say that his religion should have died with him and his generation (fatal wound to the head). It did not but it also did not have a very strong foothold either. Today we see Islam creeping across the world faster than it ever did. Muhammad was visited by something but it was not the Arch Angel Gabriel. Satan needs an army. He found it in Islam and with Muhammad. The Quran directly contradicts the Bible in every way. Mistakes in the Quran are evident to anyone whose eyes are open. The Quran calls Mary (Mother of Jesus) the sister of Aaron. She was not. When that error was caught it was explained away as a manner of speech to those from that lineage. It was not a known manner of speech. If it were, they would not have asked for clarification on what appeared to be (and was) an error. The fact is, the god of Muhammad and Islam is not the same God of the Bible and Christianity. Their very differences make that an impossibility. The same God who inspired the Bible could not possibly have commanded the writing of the Quran.I won't keep going as this is long enough but I find your blog an interesting read and wanted to share.

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